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Zen in the Shade

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Zen in the Shade - Radical Roots Seed Bomb Company
Zen in the Shade - Radical Roots Seed Bomb Company


A high quality bend of native wildflowers that thrive growing in shady conditions. Due to the nature of shade tolerant wildflowers there is an exclusive quantity

Spread: 4 sq feet total (first year)

Sun: partial shade to full shade

Soil Conditions: Clay to Sand (and everything in between)

Blooms: Species bloom times vary from late spring to early fall

Wildflowers Include:

Wild Geranium                          Shooting Star

Cardinal Flower                         Bloodroot

Wild Columbine


Four Seed Bombs within a black cloth drawstring bag

Covering 4 square feet of shade tolerant wildflowers

**Bloodroot requires a double dormancy; I will have started the stratification process manually.  

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