What exactly are seed bombs?

Seed Bombs are nurtient packed balls of clay, worm castings and native Canadian wildflower seeds. That grow native wildflowers, not weeds, these flowers have been picked specifically for their benefits to the natural world and for their aesthetic looks. Creating a beautiful garden in the palm of your hands

Transforming Conservation

Seed bombs harness the power to effectively distribute native wildflower seeds helping conservation efforts. Saving the environment may seem like a vast idea that can only be accomplished by huge organizations. The power of seed bombs is that you, yes you, have the power with one small motion to have a huge impact on your local environment. By dropping a seed bomb in your garden or using seed bombs to reestablish wildflower prairies, we each have the ability to participate to help protect the bees, butterflies and birds in your area.

Our passion is conservation

We just believe it should be easy and convenient

Seed bombs help bees and butterflies flourish and look great!

Native wildflowers are super easy to grow.

  • Drought tolerant (so no worries if you don't have a green thumb and happen to forget to water them ;-)
  • Perennial meaning they come back every year
  • They produce an abundance of color for your garden or along roadsides, your favorite walking traill and any open field

 Creating a meadow anywhere you go.

How to use a seed bomb





Throw or drop directly on the ground. Preferably with minimal pre-existing vegetation but not necessary. In early Spring or Fall




Wait for rain or water directly




While the seed bomb is packed with various seeds, all seed species grow at different rates. You may have some the first year and the rest the following year. We are following the natural process. 



Continuous Growth

Growing native wildflowers is a long term commitment. Each wildflower is perennial, meaning they return each year. Spreading out a little each year, into a beautiful meadow.

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