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Seed Bombs

Seed bombs offer a unique way to distribute beneficial wildflowers to an area. 

The idea driving Radical Roots is to place in the hands of every individual the power to restore native plants throughout Canada. 

One small action has huge benefits. 

Helping bee and butterfly populations, adding biodiversity, promoting soil conditions, making our neighborhoods and the world a better place. 

Unlike annual or pre-established plants, native wildflower seeds take time. Most species will not flower/bloom the first year. We make the seeds bombs with a ratio (generally 50/50) of wildflowers that can flower in the first year, versus ones that do not. This is why we only use perennial wildflowers.


Growing a native garden may not be what you’re used to when gardening. In most cases, the first year will look like green plants. 

But don't fret, the seeds are working their magic. Buying Radical Roots seed bombs is a pledge to conservation, not just the aesthetic of having flowers. 


The pledge to put forth native wildflowers to help preserve pollinator species, which in turn helps conserve native ecosystems. 


This isn't instant gratification. 

This is patience

This is growth year after year. 

This is sustainability for the future.  

Planting is best in Autumn, just before the ground freezes. If launching your seed bombs, expect they may not bloom where they dropped. If you are interested in having them bloom in a specific location, it is suggested to embed the seed bomb, without burying it, into the ground. Leaves and/or mulch can also be placed on top. Just remember to remove the mulch in spring. 

For spring planting, store in the freezer for at least two months before planting. When temperatures reach between 2 degrees Celsius and 10 degrees, drop or launch your seed bombs. If temperatures are above 10 degrees Celsius, thaw at room temperature for 2 days prior to planting. 


Planting during the summer months poses a risk of the seed bombs not germinating until the following year. While the seeds will remain viable, you may not see any growth again until the following year.

One seed bomb covers one square foot for the first year. The perennials spread a little each year over time. 

Seed bombs protect the seeds inside by encasing them with clay and worm compost. This mixture protects the seeds from drying out, washing away, or being eaten by birds or squirrels. Rain or water releases the seed, allowing the seed to take root. Often times the seed will grow when the conditions are best. This may seem like the seed isn't growing within a certain time frame, but rest assured, the seed will only grow when it experiences the best time (warm, moist soil). 

Seed bombs are meant to work in areas with preexisting vegetation, but will grow better if a spot is cleared of grass prior to planting. 

With native species, some types need to experience stratification before germinating and growing. 

Seed bombs require little maintenance. They are drought-tolerant, therefore can depend on rain for sufficient watering. 


Spring Planting

After last frost place on top of soil, preferable bare soil, just before rain or watering. Water thoroughly or keep soaked. Seeds can take 4-8 weeks before sprouting. Some species may not sprout the first year, and may require one winter to break dormancy to sprout the following year. 


Fall Planting

Just before snow falls, place onto the soil or at level with the ground. Cover with leaves for extra protection. Can be placed into the snow, as well. 

While a ball full of seeds may seem appetizing for squirrels or other rodents, we add a natural spice to make it less so. 

We believe this is the best way to keep squirrels from eating our seed bombs. Although we cannot control squirrels with a spicy palate, we can help keep your seed bombs safe and ready to bloom. 

Radical Roots makes seed bombs for various situations. Regions within Canada are identified within each product. Species are selection with a wide range, assuring proper native status. 


Full Sun: Bee Zen Blend, Butterfly Garden, Eco Warrior Blend, No Brainer Container, and Radiating Sunflowers 


Partial Shade: Bee Zen Blend, Butterfly Garden, Eco Warrior Blend, and No Brainer Container


Full Shade: Zen in the Shade

Radical Roots seed bombs are native to zones 2b-7b. Region-specific products, such as the B.C Bees & Butterflies blend, contain wildflowers harvested in Central British Columbia, and the Prairie Flora blend, contains wildflower seeds harvested in the Saskatchewan region, accommodating the integrity of the species. 

hardiness zone map


Having a ragweed allergy, you may know that flowers in the daisy family can cause some reactions. This is why our No Brainer Container blend has no daisy family flowers and is safe to grow while living with this allergy. 


Radical Roots ships orders within two days, using Canada Post Expedited Shipping Service. Tracking information will be emailed directly to you after a shipping label is made.


Radical Roots is happy to accommodate any custom orders, including customizing wildflower choices and packaging design. 


We strive to keep wildflowers native to the areas in which you live. 

Please contact Kristen at for any inquiries.

After Placing an Order

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If the product is damaged or there is a mistake with the order, reach out to and we can gladly review and offer more assistance in returning the product. 

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