About Us

Born from the idea that individuals can make a positive change to our natural world, I (Kristen Campbell) founded the Radical Roots Seed Bomb Company in March of 2018.
Armed with my background in Ecological Restoration and my passion for adding natural beauty to the world.

It was through my steadfast commitment to the natural beauty around us, that I found the inspiration to create Radical Roots’ native wildflower seed bombs.

All it takes is one throw of a Radical Roots seed bomb, whether it be in your garden or a trail in the woods, to:

  • improve soil conditions (worm castings)
  • help the bees thrive,
  • help butterflies and birds, and
  • provide food and shelter for small mammals.

One seed bomb can improve an entire ecosystem!

This is Willow and I together we make the Radical Roots team. If your fortunate enough to spot us at a market, make sure you say Hi to her!