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To enable individuals to plant native flora as easily as possible, in order to create and build the biodiversity of our local environment.


About Radical Roots
All it takes is one throw of a Radical Roots seed bomb, whether in your garden or a trail in the woods, to:

Improve soil conditions (worm castings)
Help the bees thrive,
Help butterflies and birds, and
Provide food and shelter for small mammals.
One seed bomb can improve an entire ecosystem.

We specialize in harnessing the power of native wildflower seeds, worm castings, and the mic drop maneuver. See, I make seed bombs; seed bombs are balls of seeds, worm castings, and held together by clay and water, dried out and ready to be dropped or launched onto the ground. The idea is for the seed bomb to be left on top of the ground and let nature take over. The seeds are protected from pests, wind and run off, so the seeds stay in place, waiting for the optimal time to germinate and grow; this gives them the best chance at survival.

Radical Roots was started because I felt like my individual efforts to help the environment went nowhere. We live busy lives, with work, getting the kids to school and back, sports, supper and bedtime. Where in the world do I have time to make a real effort? I discovered seed bombs as a YouTube craft idea that my daughter and I could do, but digging a little deeper, I saw real potential. Others were already doing in, Kenya has been reforesting their ecosystems with seed bombs for almost 8 years now. Seed bombs are a powerful tool in growing, packed with native wildflower seed, that help restore pollinator populations. Throwing one seed bomb changes the environment and radicalizes conservation efforts, all from the palm of your hand. The beauty of the seed bomb is that you can see the results; you can hear and feel a positive change.


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