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About Us

Radical Roots was founded in March 2018 by me Kristen Campbell, and you'll often see me teamed up with my daughter Willow. 

Born from the idea that individuals can make a positive change to our natural world. 

Having a background in Ecological Restoration coupled by family life I am passionate about adding natural beauty to the world. But I'm also running wild to my job and taking care of my family, its hard to keep up with the day to day, let alone trying to comprehend the bee crisis or how to save the polar bears.

Both I care about but honestly I didn't even know how I, one person, can even help in an impactful manner. 

Then Poof an idea! Seed Bombs! Native wildflower seed bombs! One throw of a seed bomb, whether in your garden or a trail in the woods helps soil conditions (worm castings) helps the bees thrive, helps butterflies and birds, even provides food and shelter for small mammals.

The trickle effect of one seed bombs affects the whole ecosystems!