Lance Leaf Coreopsis Seed Bombs

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Brighten Your Garden with a Burst of Golden Blooms

Transform your outdoor space into a sea of sunshine with our Lanceleaf Coreopsis Seed Bombs. Perfect for gardeners of all skill levels, these seed bombs are packed with the seeds of Coreopsis lanceolata, a native North American wildflower known for its bright yellow flowers and easy-care nature.

Native Range: Ontario, Quebec

Why Choose Lanceleaf Coreopsis Seed Bombs?

  1. Effortless Planting: Simply toss the seed bombs onto the soil, and nature will do the rest. No digging or special preparation required.

  2. Pollinator Paradise: Lanceleaf coreopsis attracts a variety of pollinators, including bees, butterflies, and beneficial insects, helping to support local ecosystems.

  3. Drought Resistant: This hardy wildflower thrives in various soil conditions, including dry and poor soils, making it a low-maintenance choice for any garden.

  4. Long Blooming Season: Enjoy a prolonged display of bright, daisy-like yellow flowers from late spring through summer, bringing continuous beauty to your garden.

  5. Natural Beauty: The delicate, fern-like foliage and cheerful blooms add a natural, wildflower charm to any landscape, perfect for borders, meadows, and naturalized areas.

How to Use

  • Choose Your Spot: Select a sunny location with well-draining soil.
  • Scatter and Relax: Distribute the seed bombs over the desired area. There’s no need to bury them.
  • Water and Wait: Lightly water the area after scattering, and let rain and sunlight do the rest. Sprouts will appear in a few weeks, followed by beautiful blooms.

Ideal For

  • Home Gardens: Add a splash of color with minimal effort.
  • Community Projects: Great for schools, urban gardens, and environmental initiatives.
  • Gifts: Share the joy of gardening with friends and family.

Bring vibrant, golden blooms to your garden and support local pollinators with our Lanceleaf Coreopsis Seed Bombs. Join the movement to restore native plants and enjoy a garden teeming with life and color.

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