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Seed bombs pose a unique opportunity for large scale restoration projects. Saving time and money by producing larger yields with less seeds. Restoration projects in Kenya have proved valuable in restoration efforts.

Whereas scattering seeds posing a risk of being eaten, seeds within a seed bomb are protected from birds and squirrels.

Seeds within the seed bomb are also designed to protect them from drying out or germinating improperly. Once there is sufficient rain, the seed bomb breaks down and the seeds then germinate. Otherwise, if it is a particularly dry spring, the scattered seeds may try to germinate and grow in early summer, giving it a weakened survival rate. Instead, the seeds in the seed bomb would patiently wait until the following spring, keeping the seeds viable and safe.

Reach out and see how we can work with you and your specific ecozone.

Radical Roots can accommodate each area within Canada with locally sourced seeds.




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