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Conservation Information


Knowing the issues, we face globally can be hindering at times without a clear idea on what one can do as an individual. 

Our goal at radical roots is to provide our community with the means to participate in conservation efforts at a personal level. 

Providing you with one solution in the palm of your hand is empowering. Knowing that by using this product it will grow to affect the soil and air quality, benefit insects, birds and the ecosystem. 

In 2006, reports of Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), a phenomenon that led to the sharp decline of bee populations around the world. Worldwide beekeepers reported losing 30-90 percent of their colony, yet scientist could not explain why. According to a scientific journal " why bees are so vulnerable to environmental stressors"

Radical Roots seed bombs focuses our efforts to improving bee, butterfly and hummingbird populations. As well as prairie species of plants. As prairies are the most declining ecosystem, thats rarely heard about.  



The same research suggests that to help the bee population it is important to plant native flowering plants.