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Vermicomposting is the act of composting food scraps indoors using the power of the red wiggler worm. These worms eat up at least half of their collective body weight a day and can produce an average of 3.5 lbs of worm castings a month.

Worm castings are the fertilizer they produce and it is nicknamed "black gold" for its amazing growing properties. 

The bins I create are properly ventilated for worms and designed with ease when harvesting is required. While very low maintenance is required the knowledge I give you on proper care and conditions will ensure:

no smells, no fruit flies. 

Worm composting options for personal or commercial use. 
Each purchase comes with personal services to ensure the user has the upmost confidence in using a worm composter. These services include workshops to any trouble shooting concerns one may have.

For commercial use, upkeep services are available to ensure a hassle free experience
Now you can feel great about composting without the stress of another task added to your work day. 

Discounted rates for schools. Also assistance in finding grants. 

Call, Text or E-mail for any questions. 

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