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Native Seed Bomb Varieties

Bee Zen Bees Wild

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Bee Zen Bees Wild
Bee Zen Bees Wild - Radical Roots Seed Bomb Company
Bee Zen Bees Wild
Bee Zen Bees Wild
Bee Zen Bees Wild



Just throw and grow and you'll be contributing to conservation efforts and gain a beautiful lush wildflower garden.

Within this bag contains these 8 wildflower species:

Butterfly Milkweed                              Lance Leaf Coreopsis

Plains Coreopsis                                Wild Lupine

Purple Coneflower                              Bergamot

Evening Primrose                               Black Eyed Susans

Spread: 4 sq feet total (first year)

Sun: Full sun to partial shade

Soil Conditions: Clay to Sand (and everything in between)

Blooms: Species bloom times vary from late spring to early fall

Mixed with clay and worm castings, ensuring the best growth possible

    Have a beautiful wildflower garden and support bee and butterflies in your area!



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